Consumers Cooperative Association

-Where the Customer is the Company-
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Convenience Store
The C-Store offers a wide variety of snacks, drinks, groceries, and items for your last minute needs.

So stop in today for gasoline, lottery tickets, something to eat or drink, or a carwash!
Touchless Car Wash
Recieve $1 off your carwash with the purchase of fuel.​

New! F'real Blending Bar Machine

Different Blends of E-85
Now offering E-85, E-50, E-30, and E-20. We also provide on-road diesel and unleaded fuel at the pumps.
Restaurant attached to C-store
Buy a Cenex mug, get free coffee!
French Lake Butcher Shop Products​
Coffee & Cappuccino
Stop in and get some fresh coffee and try our new flavor of cappiccino.
New Coffee Mugs Available!
Buy one of these and get free coffee. 
New Items for sale!
Buy a new fly swatter, ice scraper, or a snow brush. 

New Gloves!
Smaller sizes are now available for women and children.